Looking To The Stars (looking2dastars) wrote,
Looking To The Stars

20 Things That Bother Me About Justice League: Cry For Justice #1

Being a serious list of twenty things that bother me a little/worry me a lot about this book.

1. The opening scene, in which Hal Jordan just out-of-the-blue announces his intentions to go form a new Justice League. It conflicts with the scene where Ollie and Hal starting planning an idea for revamping the Justice League in Final Crisis: Requiem AND the scene where Dinah confronts both Ollie and Hal on their plans to form a new Justice League in Dwayne McDuffie's JLA.

2. For that matter, the fact that Dwayne McDuffie's JLA was depth-charged for nearly two years, due the build-up for this mini-series.

3. Hal calling Superman Kal instead of Clark. I don't see modern Hal as being that formal and I don't see modern Superman going by his Kryptonian name among his team-mates.

4. Hal addressing his complaints about the team to Clark and Diana... even though Dinah was still the JLA chair at the point this story took place. Way to marginalize the Pretty Bird, Hal!

5. Ollie talking like Austin Powers; "No, baby. I'm with you. You and me. Old times. New times. All the times."

6. How the above dialogue also inspires thoughts of bad fan-fiction that gives new meaning to the "Hard-Traveling Heroes" moniker.

7. What's Supergirl doing in the background here? She's not a JLA member.

8. The whole thing with Ray Palmer raping a sinus cavity. Just makes me feel icky.

9. Someone as smart as Ray going after an Omega-Level threat like Prometheus - alone. Okay, I wouldn't bet on someone as arrogant as Prometheus having an anti-Atom plan... but then again, this guy is the evil Batman, so he might. Either way, take some back-up.

10. Opal City has all night funeral homes?

11. The first character we actually see dead "on-camera" in this book and it's a Black man. *sighs* James, you're usually so good about dodging these cliches.

12. Mikhal Tomas blows up a random car while screaming about how he wants justice. What about the justice for the guy whose car you just trashed? Jerk!

13. The fact that Congo Bill's call to action here is awfully close to Catman's call to action in Villains United.

14. The fact that Freedom Beast, who has a connection to The Red as well as enhanced speed, strength and stamina, couldn't take on a few poachers without getting fatally shot.

15. Two human characters have died in this book so far... and they're both Black.

16. Also, the (hopefully) unintentional connotations inherent in the fact that all the deaths in the book thus far involve African men and gorillas.

17. And that the savior of the gorillas is a White Man in the body of a blond-haired gorilla.

18. The fact that we're already 1/6th of the way through this mini-series and we haven't introduced a goodly portion of the team members to the audience, much less introduced them to each other and formed the team proper.

19. None of the female team members got introduced in this first issue. Seems a bit unbalanced.

20. I'm actually disappointed in a James Robinson book.


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